How the Earthworks Distressed Wraparound Journal came into being…

We’re all about leather that really looks like leather here at Earthworks. There’s nothing better than that aged look that a really hardwearing leather gets after years of use. The scuffs, the scratches, the stains, that patina that builds up from the constant polishing your hands give it, they all contribute to the feel of a journal. The more you write inside your journal, the more use it gets. The more use it gets, the more the leather cover reflects that use. The more the leather cover reflects its use, the more you’re inspired to write in it. It’s a strange and cyclical, symbiotic relationship between a journal and the words it contains.

Of course, some of us like that rugged and aged look straight away so we thought we’d have a little play around with our leathers to see what we could come up with. And here are the results!


We took one of the stunningly good quality hides of full grain, vegetable tanned leather which we get from our local leather supplier. This leather really is a thing of beauty. It’s been tumbled to soften the grain structure so that it has the perfect amount of body and suppleness for a wraparound journal. As is always the case with our leather supplier, this hide came to us in pristine condition…….then we had our wicked way with it!

After several dying and staining processes we achieved a look that we were very, very happy with. A look as though someone had climbed a mountain with their journal and then thrown it off the top……and then went back down the mountain, got in their Landrover and ran over their journal several times……before burying it in a peat bog for a few years.


We even used the natural edge of the hide on the wraparound flap, just to give it even more of a rustic look. Each one of these will be unique, some will have quite a straight edge, some will have a bit of a slant and some will be wildly curvaceous. As it is the natural edge of the leather you might even find the odd little surprise on yours; scars, cuts or even holes. But, of course, as with all of our journals, it will be practical and hardwearing; we’ll make sure it’s pleasing to the eye as well as the hand.

And so there we have it, the Earthworks Distressed Wraparound Journal! A beautiful quality pristine leather journal that looks as though it has been hitting some hard travelling but, of course, its adventures are just beginning!

If you would like to have a look or place an order for one of these then you can find them on our shop here:

Earthworks Journals Distressed Wraparound Travel Journal



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